NYC-based photographer Christopher Martin got an early look at Katch1’s work that he’ll be exhibiting next week at NYC’s Gallery Bar. Katch1 is one of the founders of Natural Koncept and is responsible for its unique and often coveted look since it began.

Words, photos, and captions by Christopher Martin.

For all you Katch 1 and Natural Koncept fiends out there, Katch1 is having his second New York City showing of his art. The show will be at Gallery Bar on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side. With this opening he will also be releasing a very much-anticipated book that showcases all his work from day one. This book is simply amazing. Whether you're a fan of graffiti or not, you’ll be blown away by the book and it’ll be a staple to add to your collection. The book will be comprised of canvases, sketchbook drawings, throw ups, graphic illustrations, Natural Koncept graphics and of course, full car freights! There’ll be limited signed copies for sale at the opening so get there early if you want to get a hold of one.
Katch1’s previous shows have had a reputation of having vibrant colors, amazing characters and interesting compositions that give you a first look into the world of Katch1, this one will be no different. As a first rate story teller, brilliant image maker, and exceptional graffiti artist, he adds a new dimension to his work by gently leaving more to the imagination of the viewer. You know that there will be plenty of never before seen paintings that will be waiting for your virgin eyes so get ready. I know that it’ll be nothing less than amazing so try and get there early if you want to make it for the opening. If not, the show is scheduled to be up until the first of May. So next time you’re stumbling through L.E.S. on your way to Max Fish, make sure you take the two block detour to Gallery Bar and check it out! Hope to see you there.

Katch 1 show opening on April 8, 2009 NYC