Keegan Sauder Top Five

In our June 2010 issue, one of my favorite Canadians (beside John Candy) Keegan Sauder entertained as always with a hilarious list of Top Fives (some excerpts: Reasons to Get Naked: Job Interview; Things You Wished Were Projected Over “Strange World” Zero Ads: Me, naked, riding a giant owl; Rejected Vans Chukka Colorways: “Milk” colorway). But, the final top five advised you go online to see accompanying photos from his bike trip through New Zealand, including a stop at the Volcano that played Mordor in Lord Of The Rings. So, here are the pics:

Top Five Most Memorable Moments From Mordor:

1. The giant 60-foot rock vagina.


2. Making it to the top and throwing some urine in the volcano from my wiener.


3. Running down it—one hour up, ten minutes down.

4. Haslam.


5. Freebird.

Keegan Sauder’s Top Five was in our June 2010 Issue, which is on newstands now.