Kenny Anderson and the rest of the Converse crew recently filmed an insane commercial directed by famed Training Day director Antoine Fuqua, kicking it with some of basketball’s all-time greats in the process. We decided to ask Kenny about the experience and figure out whether Dr. J ever tried to kickflip during the downtime. Stay tuned for the actual commercial in the near future.

What was it like working with Antoine Fuqua? Have you ever worked with anyone of that caliber before?
He was really intense. It was cool to see him do his thing, knowing it was probably going to come out amazing. The only other person I’ve worked with like that would be Spike [Jonze]. He’s just awesome.

How was this shoot different from other ones that you’ve done?
The main difference is that it wasn’t based around skateboarding. We were there as part of the crowd, but meant to be focused on as people relevant to Converse. So it was mellow on our part, we just had to do what the crowd was doing. I guess in other situations I was asked to do more. It was different sitting there looking over and seeing Dr.J, Doug e Fresh, Luam, Shammgod, Jim Jones—everyone. Black Jack Ryan was spinnin’ the ball around on his toes and stuff during the breaks.

Did Dr. J ever step on the board?
He acted like he couldn’t skate and then he did a kickflip when the cameras were off.

What was the raddest thing about the commercial? Any good behind-the-scenes stories?
I filmed a little behind-the-scenes skit with Dr. J. That was rad. I grew up watching him play on the 76ers, so to meet him and do a little skit with him was amazing. The raddest thing was definitely learning that one of my childhood heroes is a really cool and genuine person.

How is it being shown to the public as being on the same level as some of these all-time greats?
That’s how it should be—we are that great! No, I’m kidding. It’s cool. I think that was the intention with having us all there. Not really to put us on that “great” level, but to show that they support us all the same as individuals.

You’ve been around through the thick and thin—does it ever weird you out to think that skateboarding’s gotten so big?
All the time. I trip out on how so many companies are doing so many things. Seems like there’s more opportunities for skaters now. Especially with traveling and events. There are a lot of things that I don’t care to take part in and there are ones I would love to. It’s cool to have options. I just feel like as it gets bigger and bigger we have to use it to support the smaller companies and businesses so that they grow with it.

Did you get any basketball pointers while hanging out and filming?
I listened in on Shammgod teach Sammy how to do “The Shammgod.” It’s unreal watching him dribble. I’ll break it out next game.

Out of all the dudes who ride for Cons and were at the shoot, who had the best jump shot at the end?
BACA! The ShammyBaca shuffle—through the legs, off his griptape, in the hole.