Kenny Hoyle

Since I’ve called you five times in the last three hours to hype you up for this interview, have you become nervous at all?

You’re holding down the moniker of Kenny Ho. You ever heard of Billy Ho?

Was it you or Lenny Rivas who stole the van in Miami?

What is up with Bill Cosby stealing the Kayo camera and Chany’s laptop?

Did you steal his Jello pudding pops?

Which one of your skate-rat friends has the biggest hots for your mom?

Do you feel it’s necessary to carry twelve shirts with you to ever photo session?

Have you ever skated a pool?

What’s the optimum music for a baby-face kid from Carlsbad to listen to before he goes and shreds a spot?

Why does every one of your friends have a nickname?

What was Lenny Rivas’ daily routine in Miami?

If you could trade your finger for any other limb, what would it be?

At first, to see you in the Baker van was a shocker to people when the photos first appeared on Patrick O’Dell’s Epic blog. Did you realize this would cause such controversy? (This was before it was announced that you were on Altamont.)

When you were gripping boards at Surfride, what were you planning for your future? Did you think, “Hmmm, maybe I got what it takes to do this”?

Like Clark Hassler has been on flow from Rocco when he was a little kid, Tim Gavin has been your flowmaster for shoes for a minute now. How did that come about?

Who would you say is the model professional skateboarder?

Chany like to speak highly of you… how much of what comes out of his mouth would you say is decipherable before he just starts laughing hysterically? (and that’s without the accent)….

And who would you say is the next to go pro?

And who’s got the best nollie inward heel?

Ask him why he brings his “water pipe” everywhere with him, and how hyped I was when he spilled it in my car.