Kewday Australia Tour

Kewday Oz Tour

Lots of people call it Down Under, which is strange because in Australia nobody ever mentions what it might be like “Up Above.” Perhaps magnetic north is all in the mind. Our tour consisted of Jason Dill, Danny Garcia, Kerry Getz, Freddy Gall, Jon West, Justin Strubing, and Matt Mumford. We started in Melbourne and headed up to Brisbane, where the tour finished.For those of you who don’t know what it’s like in Australia, you should take into consideration many things before you venture there. Be very cautious of the locals¿Australians aren’t afraid to say what they feel. For the most part, they’re a real friendly bunch, but if you get on their wrong side, they’ll kick your ass. It’s punch first, ask questions later. So beware of how you go about your business “down” there. But as a country, Australia’s as good as it gets.Our schedule looked like this: demo, drive, demo. That’s just the way it went. We did a demo, got in the van¿got in the van, did a demo. After a while, each town started to look the same, and each park had an air of familiarity. One rude kid’s just like the next. If I had a dollar for every time I was asked the question “Got any free stuff?” I’d have one hundred and forty-five dollars in my pocket right now. All the demos went pretty well from where I was watching. Justin Strubing was a machine at the demos¿he just didn’t slow down. He’d also go off at night and appear in the early hours of the morning with Freddy.

Ray called and said we could go out on the town one night¿and we did. On our only big night out, we encountered two of Australia’s rarest and most prized species: the ever friendly Finos Off The Wagonoss, and the not-so-friendly and very aggressive Mr. Nuttyos. What a night¿let me tell you. Actually, I don’t have to tell you because you can see from these photos what a fun night we had. If you look carefully in one of the snaps, Jason Dill’s talking to the shy and angry Nuttyos. What a brave man he is.

After the tour, Mumford, Justin, Dill, Freddy, and I stayed for another ten days to film with Ray. We hooked up with the one and only, Dustin Dollin. What a nice boy. Beware of the devil child and you won’t go wrong. Dustin had kindly kidnapped Evan Hernandez from a Vans tour, and we got to witness some sick skating from the kid. After it was all over, everybody went their separate ways. Big thanks to Gene and all the crew at Kewday.