Photos & words by Mike O’Meally

You may have heard about or seen the trailer for the upcoming Krooked vid, which will be filmed in 3D. Now this ain't no Avatar or Alice in Wonderland, it is raw skateboaridng at its finest—high speed, low tech and low budget! We had the pleasure a short time ago, of cruising downtown L.A. with a thick posse to get some guest clips for the video. Jason Dill, Mike Carroll, Tony Miorana, and Ryan 'Peabody' McWhirter and a handful of others. We never really stopped at any one spot for more thatn a few hits, and it was a blast keeping the security guards busy on their two-way radios. If you ever get slightly burnt on the same old spots, I highly recommend just getting your crew together and hitting the sreets, and don't stop moving! It's the best fun you can have in a city. Keep your eyes peeled for the Krooked 3D video, it is sure to be something special. Here are a few highlights from an afternoon of high paced city shredding. Shot while skating!


First stop, some big old planter boxes down near the Staples Centre. Dill and Camerman Erik Bragg work out their lines, while RPMcW ponders the meaning of life, or some shit like that.

Off to the next spot, MC throws a quick frontside flasher while a pedestrian scoots outta the way and Dill follows close behind.

The joys of street skating revealed in a man’s face! Dill, MC and T-Mo feel the vibrations.

Classic pushing style. Kids take note, MC steez for dayz.

Dill chases Brad Cromer up the wall while DLX TM John Alden, T-Mo and MC watch from the 110 off ramp.

Dill takes a moment's rest with G Hunt and MC – what do you think he is talking about?

Cromer shoots out or is he just levitating? Keep your eyes peeled for the real trick.

When you’re moving fast, the energy levels are high, Bragg gets vocal with Dill and MC on the next target.

Downtown is full of weird things to skate. MC gets over on a sextagon (?!) while Bike Police do nothing.

3D in the front, Krunchy in the corner. Dill's wallie was done once and covered from 2 angles. High-speed professionalism!

Smiles all around! Even the suits were impressed with Dill's maneuvering.

The eventual security confrontation. Mike throws vibes while the man just does his job. We snuck in one more hit as soon as he turned around.

This guy wasn't too bad though “There’s a skate park over that way in Hollenbeck,” Mike's face tells you the answer.

Even the fixed-gear couriers were distracted by our critical mass of skaters. Homeboy went down as we went past in a gust of wind.

Dill came hooking down the hill and threw a little blunt slide slappy up the curb. Just for fun of course!

A quick backside five-0 from Dill completes a city landscape.

Haters love skaters, Security blockage!

MC ducking and dodging and can't be stopped!

One for the ages, imagine some Del while you are watching this classic nose wheelie from young MC!

Heading to the Rudy stairs from Video Days.

Gimme danger little stranger! T-Mo hangs himself out to dry on a first hit disaster. Fuggit!

Mike Carroll floats and shifts while pedestrians get average.

Stick at it and you will win. T-Mo takes it down smooth this time.

Cromer kicks his foot off in defiance of security at the Arco building.

Mo-nique is U-nique! We ran into Monique and her crew and they were just pushing around doing the same thing more or less. Shooting film girl!

Proper style and shooting from the heart, Monique shows the boyz how to come correct.

She even had the cojones to rally the crew into position for a group portrait!

Mr. Hunt gets politely escorted into position.

She got the shot and its thumbs up from Monique!

Back up the hill we ran into this guy. Dill sneaks around the corner and out of harms way.

A broken board is no big deal after a fun days skate!

A spinning end to a whirlwind of a day, Dill 360's into the stratosphere!