I just recently returned from a two-week tour of Oz with the Krux team. Our crew was Silas Baxter Neal, Louie Barletta, Justin Strubing, Krux TM Ron Whaley and Filmer/Habitat TM Brennan Conroy. We also brought along our homey Marius Syvanen to get his first taste of the Australian way of life (jumping the fence at the Bondi Hotel after being denied entry by the bouncers granted him permanent citizenship). We traveled from Melbourne through Canberra to Sydney, sampling those finer aspects that make Australia top of the list on anyone’s skate destination chart. These guys were spitting out tricks quicker than they could sip their VBs, so here’s a little taster of what went down. Look for a full tour article in an upcoming issue of TransWorld along with an interview with Marius. Ron also has a little video on YouTube that you can check out below the slideshow, or check strangenotes.com.

Big thanks to my homies Lewis Marnell, Chris Middlebrook, Jevan Hollis, Ryan Wilson, Sam Winter, Chima Ferguson, Glenn Wignall and Su Young Choi who rolled with us and helped out along the way.—Dave Chami