Kyle Leeper Subtleties Interview

If you were at the premiere, you know, if you weren’t, you will soon know—Kyle Leeper is one of the most excitingly innovative guys out today, and most importantly, he’s got good style. One of the hottest free agents rolling, Kyle stopped by the TransWorld offices to finalize his part in Subtleties with filmer Jason Hernandez. Two for one interview.

How long did you film for this video part?

A little over a year. I had a lot of tricks for the last video, Free Your Mind, I gave them all to these guys (Jon Holland and Jason Hernandez) and they used a couple, and then they said, ‘Well why don’t we do a part in the next video.’

How was it filming with Jon and Jason?

It was really good. Now that this is over with, I still want to film with these dudes. They’re the real deal. I don’t want to go film with some average dude now. I don’t want to film with anyone else.

What song did you end up using?

Ocean Color Scene, from Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels soundtrack.

Was it hard getting some of those really technical tricks?

No man, most of it was first try (laughs). Yeah man, I had to go back a couple times for some of them.

Have you been getting board sponsor offers?

I’ve gotten a couple calls here and there—mostly since the premiere. Hopefully something works out soon.

(To Jason Hernandez) How was filming Kyle’s compared to the other guys in the video?

Jason Hernandez: I only filmed about a quarter of Kyle’s stuff. Jon filmed the rest of it. I wasn’t there for the mind-blowing shit.

What about that quarter how was it filming with me?

It was easy, it seriously was. Everybody in the video thought I stressed on them, but it was really fun. I went to Miami with Kyle and Stefan (Janoski) and Pat (Duffy). We’d party all night and then go skate during the day. Somehow, we’d be hungover until three p.m.

I got a lot of shit that trip.

I’d say, a good amount of this video is from Miami, and if you would’ve known how much we partied there, you wouldn’t think we were capable. I don’t know how it happened, but it did.

Did you have a heavy hand in editing your part?

No, it was all Jon.

How’d you feel seeing your part at the premiere?

Honestly, I was really nervous before it started, but by the time it started, I didn’t care—I had a lot of vodka and Red Bull. They were free. Can you put that in there?

Yeah, they were a sponsor.

Vodka and Red Bull? That was pretty cool.