Lakai’s Fully Flared Premiere Slideshow!

LOS ANGELES, CA – Fully Flared is finally upon us and we know there’s only one question on your mind: Did this ridiculously delayed video live up to all the hype? Yes… and no… but mostly yes. We’re saying “mostly yes” simply because we can’t remember another video with this much pressure on it, so it’s impossible for it to fulfill everyone’s fantasy. As Ty Evans and his Lakronies descended upon UCLA’s Royce Hall last night, a few of those fantasies were fully materialized… (semi-spoilers are below, so STOP reading if you don’t want everything ruined)

–Guy’s return was a damn triumphant return and it got the loudest reaction from the crowd all night. People were on their feet. Oh yeah, this is the second-to-last part.

–The first part went to red-hot wonderboy MikeMo Capaldi. Well-deserved and it’s gonna be crazy to see where this clean/tech kid goes in five years.

–The last part went to Marc Johnson. Actually, we can’t say it was the last “part” because it was actually an unprecedented THREE-part part. Heh heh, looks like we didn’t steer you wrong when we said he had 21 minutes of useable footy.

–So yeah, Koston neither had the first part nor the last part, but his footy was just as amazing. So don’t worry Froston fans.

–The intro was another amazing use of slo-mo antics.

–Biebel’s ender (a nose manny to nollie-flip down 8 stairs) was one of the most original things we’ve seen on tape.

–Jesus Fernandez’s part was astounding, as was his European counterparts the French Connection and Royal Family.

–And Alex Olson’s first real part was hawt from start to finish. This kid is the right thing for skateboarding right about now.

So yep, it was quite a monumental video: The crowd was packed, the art direction and filming were top-notch, and you don’t have enough fingers to count the never-been-done’s. That said, check out the rest of the world-premiere schedule and get there if you can. Otherwise you’re gonna have to wait until December 7th…


LONDON = Tomorrow night

LYON = November 20th

TOKYO = November 24th