B&W Photography by Yoon Sul
Color Photography by Carleton Curtis

[WILMINGTON, CA] If I told you the City of Los Angeles didn’t boast a 100% skate plaza, would you believe me? Well up until yesterday, the so-called skate mecca of the world didn’t have one. I know, poor Los Angeles, right? Nevertheless, the grand opening of the brand-spankin’-new Ambassador Skate Plaza in Wilmington yesterday was a monumental occasion. Technically, the park opened six years ago but its design just wasn’t cutting it anymore by today’s standards. As demonstrated by any recent contest and of course, the DC Skate Plaza project, it’s all about mimicking the streets. So Maxwell Billieon of the Ambassador Series approached councilwoman Janice Hahn and the LA Department of Recreation and Parks with the idea of revamping the park… and the rest, as you’ll soon see, is history. Big ups to co-designer Paul Rodriguez, Daewon Song, and the City of LA for creating an amazing (and free!) concrete and granite wonderland. Plus, no pads!!!—Carleton Curtis

325 N Neptune Ave, Wilmington, CA 90744