Revised edit posted Sunday April 4 at 3p.m. The edit from yesterday was a bit rushed for the awards ceremony. Enjoy.

The historic contest went down today. Check the carnage and the makes. When the dust settled, Nick Merlino took top honors and $2,500 with an outright assault on the gap and the rail. Moose threw down multiple bangers including a never-been-done nollie frontside flip ($1,000). Nick Fiorini took third with a nollie flip down the gap and a 360 flip over the rail ($500). Best trick went to Silent Mike with a double flip over the rail ($1,000). Honorable mentions go to Anthony Williams’ frontside pop shove-it, Dakota Servold’s rail tricks and Josh Kasper with an ollie impossible. Lindsey Robertson skated it just for the love and Trevor McClung almost nailed a switch big flip! Check DC’s 7Zine for interviews before the comp started.

Filmed by: Chris Ray, Chris Thiessen, Jon Holland, and Stephen Schultz
Edited by: Chris Ray and Chris Thiessen