Last Week To Fakie: 7/24/17

Jordan Taylor searches for the Whack Steez in his interview from our July/August issue—now online for the first time! At the bottom of the post, you’ll find his new pro part for WKND as well, which is something that you should watch over and over again. If not for the skating, then for the old footage and perfect track pairing. We love Jordan around here and after you read his interview we betcha’ you will too!

The greatest contest in skateboarding happened over the weekend: The CPH Open! Ishod won. People (like me) forgot that there was even a contest happening. Beers were chugged. Bikes were ridden. Spots were skated. I followed along on Instagram via the #CPHOPEN hashtag and “coped without Copenhagen,” for a few days. TWS’ers Blair Alley, Jaime Owens and Mike Fitzgerald were out there in the middle of it all and you know Blair was there, camera in hand, capturing the action. A LOT OF IT! Tag along for the ride starting here. Scroll through, you’ll get the feeling: it’s like you were there all along.

The @helsinkihelride went off ‼️ Check the recap at @suomi_bob @tylersurrey & more. : @hollazack

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Crazy-eyed Ben Kadow is now pro for Hockey and we’re stoked as hell about it. He’s an interesting dude and he’s one of the fiercest people I’ve seen on a skateboard in a long time. Not sure what’s going on in that mind of his all the time but it doesn’t matter. His name is on a board and it’s well-deserved! Can’t wait for a full clip to drop from this fool in the near future. The Hockey/FA camp keeps ’em coming!

Braydon Szafranski on The Straye. That was definitely some news last week. As the team slowly unfolds, we’re all still patiently sitting back and waiting to see what else is going to come from this somewhat mysterious company. They’re building a dope team though and from what we’ve seen from the shoes, most of them are looking pretty dope. We’re stoked that Braydon has found a new footwear home, under the Muska and Chief’s wing nonetheless. Learn more about this move right here.

Drew Verdugo did his thing in our park last week and it was one hell of an edit! So many unique NBD’s and set ups. We love when dudes come in here and move shit around. What’s the point in skating the same hubbas and rails over and over? Maybe people just forget that every single thing in that park is basically moveable. Anyways, I know this edit will open plenty of eyes. Yeah, Drew V! Watch the full edit here.

SKATEBOARDER Magazine archives are LIVE! Whether you’re 16 or 60, this is pretty dope! Every issue from 1964-1979 are neatly laid out on a custom page via and can easily be clicked open and flipped through! Spread by spread, dive into skateboarding history and flip through what was technically the first-ever skateboarding publication ever printed! We sure have come along way. From toys to tricks, these archives will keep you busy for hours.