The Weedmaps ‘Park & Ride’ went down at Venice Beach skatepark on Saturday where they gave away 20 G’s of prize money to the top 3 finalists in the eS Game of S.K.A.T.E., bowl contest and a best trick contest down the double set/rail/hubba. Everyone from Tommy Sandoval and Mark Appleyard to OG Dogtowners to the ripping Venice park locals were putting on a show for the waves of onlookers the entire day. Video and photo recap coming to soon! For now, check the live feed of the Best Trick contest that we hosted on our Facebook page below.

After a boardless stint following the demise of Cliché, Lucas Puig has found a home on London’s Palace Skateboards. As always, Palace’s IG had a priceless announcement. We’re stoked that Lucas found a comfortable home with the Palace squad. Let’s see what this match produces in the coming months.


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As a feature in our July/August issue, we tasked three photographers to shoot an article using just one roll of film. They could shoot whatever and whoever, they just had to start and finish with the same roll of film. Brian Gaberman, Andrew Peters and Thomas Gentsch all took different approaches with each feature but were all under the same circumstances, and each of their stories is as unique as the one before. However, one similarity that they all seemed to share was: Don’t blow it! Don’t worry, they didn’t. Click the photo below and dive into the article to see how each lensman approached the assignment.

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