Ahhhhhh! Some good shit got published last week. Miss anything? Rewind and… Take. It. To. Fakie.

Palace’s new video is sick. It features the team in NYC, LA, Miami and everywhere else and Danny Brady really puts it down. New footage from Palace's newest pro, Lucas Puig is obviously the icing on the cake.

Jackson Pilz feeble grind in his pro announcement for enjoi is mental. Chances are you’ve already seen it, but there’s absolutely no reason to watch it again. Also, the fact that Jackson went pro is huge news! No denying this dude is a goddam pro skateboarder. He can do it all!

Have to shout out to the newest Mean Streets because like us, people love this shit! These edits are a snippet into these sessions and are (arguably) as close as it gets to pushing around that concrete playground with these dudes. Always raw, always real. Check v.9 right here!

Pass~Port’s video was amazing and even sparked some controversy on our IG. Some of you Internet trolls out there just can’t let one post go without crying or chuckin’ it in your own dumpas! Joke or not, Pass~Port bids farewell to their trusty VX1000 (by releasing one final edit using it). Will it really be their last VX edit? Who knows! Who cares! Watch the edit and get stoked. Nailing it as always, dudes.

No denying that New Balance Numeric’s latest video offering, Tri Color was amazing. First full PJ Ladd part we’ve seen in a while… Franky Villani killed it… We knew he was good, like, really good. But goddamn! Franky can seriously do it all. And let’s not forget about Mr. Brandon Westgate’s introduction part… Throw in the rest of the NB# squad, some spots that will have you drooling in jealousy and some of the best filming in the game and you’ve got nearly 20 minutes of eye-candy delivered on a tri-color platter.

Our own Blair Alley put together a ’30 under 30′ article featuring who he considers 30 of the smartest, talented, and hard-working young minds currently shaping the future of skateboarding. We know a list like this could go on forever—seriously, we know—but take a look and shout out a buddy that might’ve made it. From talented upcoming photographers to filmmakers, pros and everyone in between. Nice work, BA!

Dakota Hunt got down in our park with a cast of his homies. He moved all types of shit around and made the park his own. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love when people aren’t afraid to set up crazy shit back there. That’s why we made everything moveable! Killed it, Dakota. We’ll see you soon!

Who did it better? Haha! Matt Miller dropped jaws when he posted this stationary switch flip on the gram last week. Leeper, being the legend that he is, responded! Well, tell us… which one do you like better?

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