Last Week To Fakie 8/7/17

Another week taken to fakie.

We brought back our Best of the Month edits, so you should check all the top clips from July that sprouted up via social media and beyond in this mega-montage. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

Report Card is new video from Zane Timpson that he’s been working on for the past year with the homies. Tons of dope SF footage from the streets to the schoolyards. We love homie videos and this edit will have you hooked. The skating is heavy and the tracks are tight! Turn it on and get your Monday sparked!

The Vans Park Series continued this weekend in Huntington Beach during the Vans US Open. We got on the course a few days early to stack some clips before all the madness went down during the live webcast. Congrats to Brighton Zeuner for taking first in the womens division and Tom Schaar for taking first in the mens. Both wins were well-deserved. The edits below are just clips—definitely not recaps by any means. Head to for full results and to check some real recaps! Shanghai is the next stop.

Don’t Trip—Illegal Civ is going on tour. And to celebrate they just dropped this sick montage with tons of clips from the bros. Interested in seeing them on their tour? Check dates, venues and prices right here!

Grosso, Scott Oster, Eric Dressen and Julien Stranger sit along side Jim ‘Red Dog’ Muir to tell all about Dogtown History, the rises and falls between eras. Like all Loveletters episodes, we bet you’ll learn something new about skateboarding’s history. Dive in below!

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