This post might offer you absolutely nothing. Maybe it will? We see a lot every day but we miss even more. We dare you to try and keep up with everything we post every week! We dare you to keep up with everything everyone in skateboarding posts every week. That’s pretty ambitious. But worry not, because we'll be taking our favorite stuff from last week back to fakie again next Monday. If anything, this week I suggest just watching the Nyjah slam over and over. It's golden.

Alex Olson hoppin’ pizzas at LES | Photo: Blair

Go Skateboarding Day happened last Wednesday on June 21st (as it does every year) marking the first day of Summer and this year we road the coattails of our friends at Nike SB in two locations—NYC and LA. Although Nike was activating worldwide in a handful of countries—building skateparks, throwing block parties, hosting local contests and so much more—they took great care of us up in Echo Park and despite the blaring sun and hot asphalt, kids were getting buck and skating non-stop. We have plenty of coverage from the both LA and NYC below, so start clicking and don't forget that every day is Go Skateboarding Day.

Go Skateboarding Day NYC 2017 Video

Go Skateboarding Day NYC 2017

Go Skateboarding Day LA 2017

Go Skateboarding Day LA 2017 (Video)

Project 58 DIY | We're in the fun and final stages of our Project 58 DIY contest with Nike SB. What started with 14 shops, 14 spots and 14 edits funneled down into our top 3 shops Push (Asheville, North Carolina), 35th North (Seattle, Washington) and Premier (Grand Rapids, Michigan). We're booking flights as you read this and preparing to visit the spots with some Nike riders, film a few edits and shoot a feature for an upcoming issue. Keep your eyes peeled and follow along as we update from the road using #58DIY.

Nike SB Project 58 DIY | Top 3 Winners Announced

Nyjah at SLS Munich | In Nyjah's words, "officially my most lit fall ever." We might have to agree. Although he had some trouble rolling out of a quarter pipe after doing an insanely perfect kickflip back lip… he still got first place at SLS Munich and he's still richer than all of us. At least he can laugh with us as we laugh at him! I'll give him that. All we can hope for is that @shrimpdaddy gets his hands on this and works his magic.

Officially my most lit fall ever! @sls

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Another "throwaway" Shane O'Neill Part | This is starting to get ridiculous. Every once in a while—let's just say every few months—Shane O'Neill footage will surface on the Internet (or social media) being referred to as "throwaway" footage, and once it's compiled into an edit, it becomes one of gnarliest video parts to drop that day. This one is absolutely no different. I tend to forget how good every single skater is on a daily basis because my attention span is one of a puppy and let's be honest, there's just way too much shit to look at on our phones every minute of every day. Gotta squeeze in some time for @hoodclips and dope memes, you know? But when a part like this drops and has the word "throwaway" in the title, there are only two options of why this could be:

1) You've mislabeled the file
2) You're name is Shane O'Neill.

I don't know if we can handle a "real" part from Shane anytime soon… especially if this is all just throwaway.

Just kidding. Of course we can.

Shane O’Neill, Cutting Room Floor

Elijah Berle At Home (with Monster Children) | Cruising around the boardwalk on an old Dogtown board, jumping in the ocean for a bit then hitting the streets… ah man, this seems like a perfect day. Besides making me completely envious of Eli’s lifestyle, I do agree that more than often we forget that skateboarding stemmed from those dry backyard pools and was just “something to do when there was no waves,” all those years ago. Although it has evolved so much—tricks are gnarlier and more technical, stairs, rails and hubbas are bigger—there are still guys like Elijah keeping the connection close and remaining true to the (his) roots. I wouldn’t consider this a big “news” hit from last week, but this is my post and I’ll talk about what I want!

Elijah Berle – At Home

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