Last Words Austin Stephens

Last time you went to church: Christmas Eve.

Last contest you entered: Tampa Am about five years ago.

Last skate injury you had: Ingrown toenail.

Last time you ate meat: I quit eating meat two years ago.

Last drawing you sketched: I doodled a drawing of a tree the other day.

Last time you visited Corona: A few weeks ago, I went there to skate with Matt B.

Last song you wrote: A guitar instrumental piece.

Last words you wrote: I wrote in my journal yesterday.

Last book you read: Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee by Dee Brown.

Last skater you were impressed with: Anthony Pappalardo.

Last trick you tried but couldn’t do: Hardflip.

Last time you thought of yourself as an artist: I don’t know.

Last life-altering experience you had: Moving into an apartment with my girlfriend.

Last motorcycle you thought about buying: Justin Reagan’s old Honda.

Last time a girl said you were cute: My girlfriend told me yesterday.

Last time a guy said you were cute: I don’t remember-it’s been a while.

Last record store you bought something from: Fingerprints.

Last time you quoted Bob Dylan: Just last night I was talking with a friend of mine about the Bob Dylan documentary, No Direction Home.

Last time you read the Bible: A couple of weeks ago I was reading “Genesis.”

Last trick you filmed for Suffer The Joy: Five-0 shove-it on some bump to ledge that Ed skated in Jump Off A Building.

Last time you played the banjo: This morning.

Last time someone said you talk too much:

I’m not sure that anyone’s ever told me that.

Last time someone said you don’t talk enough: My girlfriend told me that the other night.

Last cup of coffee you had: Double Americano in a small cup this morning.

Last beer you drank: Newcastle, over a game of pool with Josh Harmony.

Last time you slept over at Ed Templeton’s house: Three years ago while I was living there.

Last time you cussed: Shinners.

Last person to get you confused with Austin Seaholm: People get me confused with Austin Seaholm?

Last skate spot you thought was perfect: Belmont ledges.

Last skate spot you thought sucked: They’re all fun in some way.

Last situation where you felt like you didn’t belong: Active Blingfest.

Last situation where you felt like you fit in: Toy Machine demo in South Carolina.

Last lie you told: My last beer was actually a Miller Lite. I wish it was a Newcastle though.

Last time you thought you were going to die: I was riding a motorcycle through a huge storm in the middle of New Mexico. I was by myself, and it was freezing cold, really windy, and raining so hard I could barely see ten feet in front of me. I had to ride in these conditions for almost an hour before I found a place where I could pull over and get some sort of cover.

Last article of clothing you bought: Corduroy jacket from a thrift store.

Last time someone pissed you off: Leo Romero, Spanky, Jon Miner, and I were skating this school in San Pedro when two cops show up, put us in handcuffs, and start accusing us of breaking into the school and stealing a bunch of electrical equipment. They interrogated us for a couple of hours before realizing that it really wasn’t us that stole all the equipment. They still decided to write us trespassing tickets for skating on school grounds. I thought that was pretty lame.

Last country you wanted to live in: Spain.

Last time you told someone you’re from a small town in Illinois: Last time someone asked where I was from.

Last words to leave with us: Be yourself. Keep an open mind.