Last Words – Brian Wenning

Last time you were banned: A few months back, from a nice family bar and grill in my hometown. I got into a fight with some random yuppie. It kinda sucks, though, ’cause they have bangin’ rigatoni vodka and chicken.

Last spot you skated: MACBA.

Last magazine you read: Barely Legal.

Last piece of clothing you purchased: A pack of white tees, son!

Last new guys you were amped on: Kelly Hart and Steve Durante.

Last vacation: Puerto Escondido, Mexico with the family and my boy Steve.

Last person to inspire you: Mr. Rob Dyrdek and Stevie Williams.

Last time you left the States: Two weeks ago-Barcelona.

Last movie you watched: Scarface.

Last advice you gave someone: “Please pass high school. Even I did it”-to my brother.

Last time you were bummed: Whenever I pay taxes.

Last DVD you watched: George Carlin, You Are All Diseased!

Last trick you witnessed: Kerry Getz double flip at the MACBA big four.

Last setup: Fred Gall board, Indys, 49 millimeter Habitat wheels, and of course, DC Lynx.

Last time you were bored: Reading 99 percent of all the interviews lately.

Last time you experienced secondhand embarrassment: When I read “Pakistan is the best” written on the famous MACBA big four.

Last Web site you visited:

Last time you drank a Heineken: Right now, halfway done.

Last time you went out in Hollywood: Three days ago to a spot called The Viper Room with Turbo Tony and Paris Hilton-good times.

Last time you skated Love Park: 2003-The DC Video.

Last time you heard someone say, “This is the last time”: Tim O’Connor every time he drinks. Somehow that guy still makes me laugh over all these years.

Last team sport you played: Double team.