Last Words – Chris Haslam

Last time you didn’t have a beard: Probably about a year ago.

Last pair of shoes you bought: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar adidas.

Last pair of shoes you got for free: Some Pumas.

Last person you went to the bar with to make sure they got home okay: Probably Brillis-not that he needed it or anything.

Last movie you paid to see but wish you hadn’t: The Brothers Grimm.

Last skate video you watched where you wanted your 30 minutes back: Probably some trick-tips video.

Last skateboarder you shared a room with: Coopie Dubs.

Last Seu Trinh quote: “Tonight I’m gonna end up pissing myself or sleeping next to a toilet.”

Last sponsor you deposited a check from: Momentum.

Last city you wanted to move to: Maui, Hawai’i.

Last piece of your skate kit you modified: I changed my wheels a few days ago.

Last thing you built with your friends: I put hardwood floors in my house with my dad.

Last promise you made to yourself: Get ninth place in Slam City Jam.

Last contest you won: Slam Best Trick-even though Billy Marks should’ve.

Last book you read: Some book on how to improve your golf swing.

Last full album you uploaded onto your iPod: REO Speedwagon-The Hits.

Last track you deleted from your iPod: A crap download of Jack Johnson’s “Banana Pancakes.”

Last sport other than skateboarding you participated in: I played golf the other day.

Last trick you learned: Fakie 360 inward heelflips.

Last piece of advice Rodney Mullen gave you: “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Last person you punched: I gave Sheckler a dead leg the other day for stinking my house out.

Last Web site you visited:

Last ocean you swam in: The Pacific Ocean.

Last board-graphic idea you came up with: A Moose Knuckle board, but I’m not sure how I should draw it.

Last family member who gave you a gift: My dad bought me some underlay for my hardwood floors, but I have to pay him back.

Last video part you rewound: Brad Sheppard-Baby Steps.

Last thing that was graced with your signature: Some little fellas’ helmets at the skate park the other day.

Last time you skated with Julio De La Cruz: I think a year ago at his park in Bell. He gave us pizza-it was tasty.

Last hand gesture you made: Probably the shocker. Nah, wait-I gave the thumbs up to some crap driver the other day.

Last pet you named: My mom’s dog Oly.

Last thing you lied about being allergic to: Seu’s wretched-smelling ass.

Last wacked-out dream you had: That I was forced to join the army.

Last trick that took you out in a game of SKATE: Not too sure, but maybe a fakie hardflip.

Last words with which you would like to leave us today: Yay Chewnt!