Last Words: Christian Hosoi

Last group of people you skated with: Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, Stacy Peralta, Steve Olson, and Jay Smith at the Santa Monica skatepark three days ago.

Last trick you did that made you think, “Damn that felt good: A backside ollie in the Santa Monica park pool—that thing is perfect.

Last skate video you watched: The new Quiksilver video.

Last sponsor you acquired: Probably Pro-tec. I’m getting a signature helmet.

Last new trick you learned: Nollie 360 pop shove-its up the Euro gap at an Active demo last night.

Last Christ air you did: I did one at the Luis Palau DC Festival, right in front of the Capitol Building.

Last person you saw do a Christ air: Danny Way, about twenty feet out on the Mega Ramp.

Last time you wore spandex: Probably in the early 90s. Wait, no, maybe at Skate Escape ’89 (laughs).

Last lien at Marina Del Rey Park: I remember doing a big lien air on the night before they buried it.

Last launch ramp you skated: I skated one at the KR3W warehouse with my son, Rhythm.

Last time you missed the 80s: When I was sitting in prison, thinking about how blessed I had been during that decade.

Last article of clothing from Jimmy’Z you rocked: Probably the spandex.

Last time you skated with Scott Oster: Around the beginning of the year at the Brooklyn Projects ramp.

Last mission you really set out to accomplish: To preach the gospel through skateboarding to the four corners of the Earth.

Last new hobby you picked up: I just ordered a golf bag from Ogio. I guess that’s a hobby—that and surfing. My pastor and I just started surfing. Quiksilver is making me a custom board.

Last time you saw Gator: Like around ’90, up at my ramp in Hollywood.

Last phone number you dialed: My wife’s. I just called her a second ago.

Last food you reluctantly ate: Probably a Carl’s Jr. breakfast burrito. Wait—actually I don’t really reluctantly eat anything after spending five years in prison. That burrito was kind of good (laughs).

Last skate-shop purchase: I don’t think I’ve ever paid for anything. Praise God for skate shops. I’ve been blessed by many a shop.

Last album you rebought: Call To Glory—The Uprising Tour.

Last rap album you bought: I just got the Tupac documentary DVD, if that counts.

Last book you read: Smith Wiggleworth—The Anointing Of His Spirit.

Last band you were in: I was in the men’s gospel choir at the Las Vegas Nellis prison camp.

Last person you snaked: Whoever I had my last session with.

Last Web site you visited: Caballero’s MySpace.

Last time you saw one of the dudes from Thrashin’: Eddie Reategui, last night.

Last publication you did an interview for: Breakaway magazine. I also just got the cover of Titus magazine.

Last handrail you skated: The Brea skatepark rail with Butch Sterbins.

Last thing you became addicted to: 360 flips—just trying ’em feels good.

Last time you hung out with Mark Gonzales: Wow, probably back in ’91. He and Jason Lee would come skate my ramp in Hollywood.

Last TV show you found yourself watching: The Trinity Broadcast Network.

Last time you were on TV: Yesterday—The Daily Habit show on Fuel TV.

Last shady situation you encountered: Getting arrested in 2000.

Last piece of skateboard paraphernalia you autographed: A Quiksilver team poster at the Monday night skate nights I do at my Uncle Chris’ church, the City Lights Dream Center.

Last place you called home: The Sanctuary Church in Huntington Beach.

Last time you surprised yourself: Almost 360 flipping up the Euro gap at that Active demo.

Last idea you had for a board graphic: My new one. It’s a cross with wings and the rising sun. Lucero drew it for me.

Last dude that called you Holmes: Probably Jeff Grosso—at the Vans Pro-tec Pool Party.

Last words with which you would like to leave us today: Give your life to Christ, because Heaven and Hell are real. Scripture verse John 14:6—Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father, except through me.


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