Last Words: Clyde Singleton – 20.1

Last restaurant you ate at?
Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles with Sal Barbier.

Last thing you said to your team manager?
Where’s my check? And thanks for hookin’ up my shape.

Last movie you saw?
Cash Money Millionaires, Baller Blockin’. Shit’s so awesome, y’all should just suck on a lemon!

Last CD you listened to?
The new Redman, it’s definitely on the ten best-ever list.

Last fight you were in?
Real gangstas don’t fight, besides that, I might get my clothes dirty.

Last trick you landed?
Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids, don’t you know that I’m a stunna?

Last thing you would do if it was your last day on Earth?
Tell my moms I love her.

Last video game you played?
Syphon Filter 2. I’m dangerous with them head shots, too, so …

Last injury?
Let’s see. On tour in Prague I walked off a three-meter drop onto my skull and was dead for eight hours. How’s that for putting the M-E in team?

Last time you were completely bald?
When I tried to do my kit like Sal’s back in ’93, and some relaxer burnt all the hair off my scalp, and, oh yeah, this one time on tour in Prague.

Last time you said, “This is the last time I’m doing this.”
In Germany where there was no battered chicken around for at least six time zones.

Last time you were robbed?
I wish I knew someone brave enough for that task.

Last concert you went to?
Das Efx and it was definitely banged out.

Last thing that made you mad?
Black-history month, f-k that. We’ll trade that ol’ bullshit for one black Jesus and some chicken, thank you.

Last advice you gave to someone?
Shut the hell up!

Last time you freaked out?
My compulsive-ass cat scratching at hell knows what in the litterbox at 5:00 am.

Last thing you want to say?
Aesthetics is the best team ever.