Last Words – Colin McKay

Last video premiere you seriously cheered at: Skateboard Party.

Last habit you kicked: Benihanas.

Last place you went on vacation: My couch.

Last backyard ramp you skated: Danny Way’s mini.

Last money you gave to charity: The Empty Stocking Fund.

Last time somebody gave you valuable advice: Don’t go where you’re not wanted.

Last vert combo trick you thought up to later deem impossible: If you think it might be possible, then it’s possible.

Last urge you had to skate a rail: Urge isn’t the right word.

Last heavy-metal show you attended: Does Billy Idol count?

Last skate ticket you paid: Never paid one.

Last time you watched Questionable: It was playing in a skate shop I was in recently.

Last exam you studied for: Whatever my last final in high school was.

Last person you played SKATE with: Rob Dyrdek.

Last bet you made: Dyrdek doesn’t play SKATE for free.

Last session at the Skate Ranch: First session at the RDS park.

Last idea you had for a tattoo: “F-k The Police” on my neck.

Last MySpace you were on: If we talk on Myspace, you’re actually talking to Sluggo.

Last crowd you spoke to: Career Day at Aviara Secondary School.

Last Powell memory: “Make sure the guys that ride for Reflex don’t take any of the Swiss we sent over.”

Last time on the surgery table: Two years ago.

Last television series you secretly got hooked on: I like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but it’s not a secret.

Last new pet: A one-eyed cat with no name.

Last trick you and Danny brainstormed: Kickflip mute.

Last border crossing: Diplomatic immunity.

Last thing running through your head before a trick: ZQK.

Last time in a tour van: The Plan B Arizona trip.

Last thing that made you proud to be Canadian: George Bush.