Last Words: Daewon Song

From our February '17 Issue

Backside powerslide / Photo: MEHRING

He's been on a steady killing spree for over 25 years since his first video part in World Industries' Love Child back in 1992 and seriously doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Just think of how gnarly Daewon will be at age 60? We love you Dae. —Jaime Owens

Last Song Stuck In Your Head:
Elf movie theme song.

Last Ditch Skated:
Skips ditch where I did the 540-ish Ollie over the channel in my X Games part.

Last Laugh:
Recent SNL with Dave Chappelle.

Last Time You Watched Love Child:
Five years ago.

Last Video Watched:
adidas Away Days on actual DVD.

Last Thing You Created:
A broom hippy jump to a dustpan bank landing.

Last Thing You Destroyed:
Two honey buns and 13 small powder donuts in 12 mins…no drink.

Last Tattoo:
Coffee cup.

Last Thing You Did To Impress Your Kid:
I showed him a clip of me falling and getting right back up, then fall again. He said, "Whoa."

Last Celebrity Sighting:
Snoop Dogg at Randy's Donuts for the adidas event.

Last Hardflip:
Three days ago, very low and fast.

Last Achievement:
Still excited to ride my skateboard more than ever everyday and the fun never stops!

Last Trick Filmed:
Blunt 360 flip fakie manny on a minramp.

Last Movie:
The Equalizer.

Last Punch:
Yesterday shower boxing.

Last Thing You Shared:
A box of M-80 Mob grip.

Last Favorite Graphic:
Natas, then Tom & Jerry collab Almost board.

Last Time You Were Selfish:
Today—I wanted the skatepark all to myself.

Last Time You Were Scared:
Watching the court scene in Miracle on 34th St.

Last Board You Hung On The Wall:
I think it was a Monty Nolder.

Last Person To Call You:
My son, letting me know I was his ninja.

Last Follow On Instagram:

Last Trick on Beryl Bank:
Inward heel to fakie in the corner pocket for a Spitfire Ad.

Last Video Part That Got You Hyped:
PJ Ladd's Wonderful Horrible Life and so many parts in the adidas Away Days and Jerry Hsu's part in MADE Chapter 2.

Last Person To Inspire You:
Everyone out there who isn't afraid to be themselves.

Last Thing You Learned:
Eating too many donuts without a drink can be dangerous.

Last Thing You Lost:
My wallet in El Segundo, near Dwindle Dist.

Last Time Skated With Rodney:
At least three years, but he's still skating all the time.