LAST WORDS – Darrell Stanton

Last team you heard you were on: Flip.

Last person who borrowed something from you that you never got back: Never that. I have good friends.

Last thing you couldn’t find: The remote.

Last sports team you rooted for: Detroit-better luck next time.

Last modification to your car: A new ragtop.

Last person you bought lunch for: My homey.

Last food you ate you wish you wouldn’t have: Squid eggs from Brazil.

Last purchase you made that you probably shouldn’t have: Clothes and shoes.

Last trick you couldn’t land: Nollie biggie pivot fakie.

Last video you watched before skating: Modus Operandi.

Last interview you read: Devine Calloway’s 20 Questions.

Last couch you surfed on: Matt Newton’s or Dennis Busenitz’s.

Last time you made something out of nothing: Every time I step on a skateboard, I think.

Last sketchy situation:

Last week.

Last random pro you found yourself skating with: I really only skate with the same people a lot.

Last skateboarder’s number you saved in your phone: D. Way.

Last vert ramp you dropped in on: DC.

Last activity you got fully into, psyched on, and out of control with: Skateboarding.

Last photographer to shoot a photo of you: Andrew Mapstone.

Last run-in with the law:

Last week.

Last setup: Blank, Spitfire 51s, Thunder Man trucks, Diamond Supplies-you already know.

Last hotel you stayed in: La Quinta in Queens.

Last person to ride shotgun in your car: Clay-Ryan.

Last person you saw nollie front blunt a rail: That one guy, you know him-me.

Last life-changing moment: Parting ways with Real.

Last song you mouthed the words to: “Ups & Downs”-Snoop Dogg.

Last fitted-hat purchase: L.B. Dirtbags.

Last board-graphic idea you came up with: Ghetto Boyz Graphic from Real.

Last time you woke up before the sun came up: It’s been a while.

Last thing that got your autograph: A Real board.

Last piece of your skateboard kit you broke: I flatspotted some wheels recently. Does that count?

Last sponsor you picked up: All my sponsors are too big for me to pick up.

Last basic trick you learned: Bean plant to fakie.

Last person you met who smiled more than you: Devine smiles a lot. We should have a smile-off one day.

Last promise you made to yourself: To do what I wanted to do even if people don’t see things my way. To do things for myself.