Last Words Dylan Rieder

Last Mark Oblow Graphic You Stenciled On Your Grip:Kate Moss, topless, smoking a cigarette. She makes me not hate my board as much when my skating starts to suck-which for me is quite often.

Last Time Tim O’Connor Made You Laugh:Me, Saladbar(GH1), and my chick were driving in Hollyweird and I remembered that Tim was staying at The Standard, so we called him up. I think he was asleep or something, but we didn’t care. We cruised over, got wasted, charged probably 300 dollars of sh-t to his room, had some laughs, and broke out.

Last Time Tim O’Connor Made You Scared For Your Life:I don’t like this question.

Last Girl Who Fanned Out On You:
These three little fourteen-year-old girls were at a Vans signing we did in Texas and were asking me to sign their arms and stupid sh-t like that. Then one threw out her number, so I gave it to Angel to hit her up.

Last Time It Sucked To Be Underage:
The other night I couldn’t get into this bar. It was probably better that I didn’t, but I’ve come to learn it’s not how old you are, it’s who you know.

Last Huntington Beach Bro Encounter:
Last night, bro party-it was off the chain. HB kickback, 2000-awesome.

Last Time Someone Spelled Your Name Wrong:I do it every day.

Last Song You Listened To:
Roky Erickson-“I’ve Always Been Here Before.”

Last Guilty Pleasure:
The Killers.

Last Surf:
It’s been way too long-six months maybe. The water is to f-king cold, man.

Last Time You Felt You Needed To Go Back To School:
When I spell my own name wrong. But then I think, f-k that.

Last Epic Quiksilver Ramp Session:
Oblow, Arto, Omar, Omar(GH2), Leeper, O’Connor. Good times.

Last Argument:
Last night with my girlfriend. Those are always fun. I don’t remember how it started, but she was right, God dammit.

Last Stupid Question Someone Asked You:
When are you going to get your GED?

Last Ollie Impossible: Costa Mesa park step-up, straight to a fat ticket.

Last Text Message:FROM: JORDON Jeremy Brock@ gallagers pub next sunday 5:30-8:00 pm come get blind as a bat pissd and support my brada.
Last Bad Karma:
I was riding my bike the other day and my back tire locked up and I skidded for like 50 feet. I thought I was going to die, but I guess it was karma scaring me for something. Who knows?

Last Spiritual Experience:
Whoa man, like every day.

Last Real Job:
Never. I try not to think about those things.

Last Time You Thought About Going Pro:
Not often-I’m not that good.

Saladbar or Salad BarCorrect?