Last Words: Guy Mariano

Last Indulgence:
Girl Scout cookies.

Last Good Advice:
“Practice a lot of flatground.” Thanks, Mike Mo.

Last Bad Advice:
Tim Gavin’s poker strategies.

Last Lie:
I quit smoking cigarettes.

Last Time You Thought About TWS:
When Shane Cross passed away, I remembered some rad photos that Oliver Barton had of him and wondered when they were going to come out.

Last Hangover:
Two years ago.

Last Big Purchase:

Last Magazine Read:
Mass Appeal. Don’t know how I got it.

Last Time Someone Mentioned The Word “Comeback”:
This question makes me uncomfortable…

Last Supper:
Miceli’s, chicken parmesan.

Last Laugh:
Rick farting on Mike Mo.

Last Trick That Blew Your Mind:
Mark Appleyard, nollie big-spin tailgrab to tail in a pool.

Last Promise:
No more gambling.

Last Setup:
McCrank board, Venture trucks, Spitfire wheels, Mob Grip, Powell bushings, and Diamond bolts.

Last Video Days Viewing:
A couple months ago, my girl showed her mom.

Last Blog Visit:

Last Road Trip:
Arizona Panasonic commercial.

Last Immature Moment:
Last week, stressing over skating.

Last Thing You Gave Away:
A board to a kid that broke one.

Last First:
Proposed to girlfriend.

Last Regret:
You live, you learn-no regrets.