Last Words Jake Duncombe

Last Benihana:

Last Flight:
The last eight it took to get from Australia to Japan and back to Australia.

Last Nickname Someone Called You:

Last Slam:
On the weekend I hurt my ribs.

Last Freddie Mercury Sing-Along:
Every day-it’s a must-do.

Last U.S. Visit:
I left around two months ago.

Last Time You Woke Up And Didn’t Know Where You Were:
Where am I now?

Last Perfect Skate Spot:
Soldiers Pool on the Gold Coast. Cheers, Kenny-R.I.P.

Last Influence:
Lee Ralph.

Last Fantasy:

Last Time You Said “Last Time”:
Last weekend-it was scary.

Last T-Shirt Purchase:
A tie-dyed one in Toronto.

Last Car You Bought:
A Hot Wheels sometime when I was young.

Last Book You Read:
I’m reading a Hunter S. Thompson biography at the moment. It’s so crazy!

Last Memorable Shane Cross Incident:
Every day there’s a memorable Shane Cross incident.

Last Contest You Entered:
Volcom Meadows Pro Invitational in Mammoth, California. All I did was a benihana-hahahaha.

Last Board You Set Up:
Jake Brown-8.3 inches wide and 32.9 inches long, bitches.

Last Video Part You Were Stoked On:
Jani’s parts in Get Tricks Or Die Tryin’ and Cheese And Crackers. I can’t choose between the parts, let’s just count it as one!

Last Meal:
A shitty Tally Surf Club meal. It sucked, but I had some beers with Dad, so I had fun.

Last Song You Listened To:
“Living On My Own” by Freddie.

Last Tattoo:
My Jack Daniel’s board on my ribs-it hurt like f-k!