Last Words – James Kelch

Last time you rolled over the bricks at the Embarcadero: I flew out to ‘Frisco last June. I went straight to the EMB and got my roll on.

Last thoughts before going to sleep at night: I think about angels and what kind of mischief they get into while I’m asleep.

Last public figure you admired: The almighty Al Davis. Go, Raiders!

Last time you fought dirty: Every time I fought, I fought dirty.

Last words of advice you swore by: Allow yourself to live as your angel lives-in serenity, in love, and in understanding.

Last check from skateboarding: I got a check from Krooked and a check from Hubba.

Last new trick: Nollie backside flip.

Last car you bought: 1983 Z28.

Last year’s best new trend: The Bengals winning all those games.

Last year’s worst new trend: The Raiders losing all those games.

Last person you hung up on: Mid America credit card company.

Last political stance you took: F-k Bush.

Last skate magazine you read: TransWorld-so I could figure out how long my answers should be.

Last plane ride: I flew home from ‘Frisco to the ‘Nati in June.

Last time you called someone a T-dog: June 2005, the last time I saw the EMB.

Last dream: High-there were army men all around asking questions about my habit. The president shows up and tells me it’s okay to keep it. He said he fully understands, but try not to let it get much bigger.

Last guilty pleasure: Hitting the bong and thinking of angels.

Last sneakers you paid for: I bought a pair of Ewings once.

Last up-and-comer you rooted for: Al Butters (Alex Davis) from the ‘Nati. The kid is so good.

Last purchase you immediately regretted: I bought an once of chronic, and the bag was four grams short.

Last electronics device you had an urge to smash: My Compaq computer-piece of crap never works right.

Last person you scammed: This guy named Greg at the junkyard. I got a coil pack from him and told him I’d bring the money later.

Last live music you listened to: I went to the 50 Cent and Jay-Z concert.

Last day of skating that really felt good: Back in September.

Last day of skating that really felt bad: Yesterday-I felt really old.

Last person who told you something you couldn’t believe: This morning-an angel told me something that was completely worthless to me and also drives me crazy.

Last ticket: I got a speeding ticket last year. They took my license because of no insurance.

Last animal you killed: I don’t kill animals. They kill them for me, then I eat them.

Last tattoo you thought about getting: A picture of my dead brother Jason spitting game to the angel on my right shoulder.

Last DVD you watched more than once daily: Caned In Wet Panties.

Last piece of jewelry you bought for a girl: Never that!

Last ramp you skated over six feet: Joe Lopes’ ramp-way back in the day. Or Monty Nolder’s!

Last thing you would do if the world were ending tomorrow: Scream for my angel, and tell her to get my back.

Last time you felt proud to be an American: Every day-I don’t have to wait in line for bread, and I get boards mailed to my house.

Last article of clothing you could live without: My black Bart Simpson T-shirt.

Last job interview: Some mechanic spot-I told ’em I smoke weed, and they told me to beat it.

Last person who slept on your couch: Justin Bokma.

Last new slang word you added to your diction: Yao Ming.

Last laugh: Always.