Last Words: Lucas Puig

Last English you spoke: I think it was when Lakai came to Lyon.

Last time you got into a tour van: Today. We just started one.

Last time Al Boglio (Cliché TM) said the “c-word: Two days ago. I came back from Toulouse, from a mild wrist operation, and those were his words of greeting. Boglio always uses that word.

Last meal with Mom: Five days ago, roasted chicken with potatoes ... before I came back from Toulouse.

Last package from Lakai: Two months ago. Seven pairs of Manchesters, ten T-shirts, socks, and dress shirts.

Last board you broke: At least a year ago. In the last line from Freedom Fries--on the Gypsy tour.

Last American you showed a spot in Lyon to: I never show spots.

Last board you bought in a shop: Shit, maybe five or six years ago. It was a nude Powell board. It was still in francs--before the euro. The thing cost 300 francs--approximately 50 dollars. It was the cheapest board in the shop. I bought it at Town & Country skate/surf shop in Toulouse.

Last guy who compared you to Guy: On some nerd Web site. They were saying I was just some kid that had seen Guy in all the old videos and was biting his style.

Last time Jeremie Daclin drank red wine: Last night over dinner. He never eats dinner without red wine. I don’t think he can.

Last flip trick you learned: Switch double heel.

Last video you wished you were in: The last TransWorld video. Shiloh kills it. I didn’t even recognize him at first.

Last magazine you didn’t read: Document from England--good photos.

Last photo that made you want to skate: JB Gillet on the cover of the Lakai catalog--madonna on the Cliché mini ramp.

Last time you saw Pontus Alv: Two years ago when he left the tour van and took off alone mid tour.

Last time your parents asked about skateboarding for a living: Not for a while (laughs). Maybe three years ago before they realized it was actually some sort of career. They definitely don’t ask me anymore. Now they just ask me to stay serious--keep stable, don’t stay out too late, and skate hard.

Last grade in French school you attended: Fourth course in French--Collége--a.k.a. high school (about the equivalent of ninth grade in the U.S.). I was fifteen.

Last Ali Boulala quote you laughed at: I haven’t seen him in ages, but he always makes me laugh. I think he’s just a natural comic.

Last Boulala gear you wished you could rock: A crazy purple sports jacket with holes in it in the full summer heat. I don’t how he does it. He’s Boulala. The rules of humanity seem not to apply to him.

Last time you spoke German: At a demo with Paul Rodriguez at the Dome. I saw Jan Kliewer and his friends, so I dropped some German. I’m a bit rusty.

Last time you worried about terrorism: In France, I don’t really worry about it. We live our lives without fear. Our news is not propaganda. The London bombing obviously made me think about it, but I’m not going to change my life because politicians and the “news say so.

Last apartment you found dirty: Mine.

Last FC (French Connection) Lakai rider who got a box: JB Gillet--he’s unstoppable. He wears through a lot of shoes because he skates so much.

Last time you took the Chunnel: Never been in that thing. I always take the boat. It’s cheaper and there’s a better view.

Last call at the bar: When I’m too wasted to stay. Bars don’t close here.

Last French word in the dictionary: Damn ... Zorro (laughs)? F--k, I don’t know. Let me ask J.J. Rousseau. He doesn’t know either. Something with a zw--.**

Last laugh: Right now in front of the shop we just rolled up to. Beers are waiting on the table.

Last part in the next Cliché video: Joey Brezinski.

*All answers translated from French. Lucas likes to speak his native language, even though he does speak three others fluently.

** The answeer is Zworykin. Vladimir Zworykin, a dude originally from Russia who migrated to the U.S. as an engineer. He then invented the first electronic television tube along with the first electronic image analyzer, which is now used for X-rays. See, Reda, you wouldn’t be able to watch Sex And The City without immigrants. They aren’t taking all your jobs. They’re actually keeping our country afloat.