Last Words Mike O’Meally

Last excursion: Helicopter ride over Sydney Harbor-a birthday present from Mumsies.

Last camera you bought: Speed Graphic Bullet Proof Lunch Box.

Last camera you retired: No retirements, just getting dusty in the closet.

Last photo you shot: Andrew Currie at the new Bondi Beach Skatepark.

Last new buddy: Anyone who’s legit.

Last phrase stuck in your head: “He’s a timeless man.”

Last place you were in for more than four weeks: I honestly can’t remember-honest.

Last expensive piece of equipment broken: Lumedyne super flash. Arced the pack-it’s fixed now, though.

Last skateboarder to unintentionally break your expensive equipment: I think it was Dustin Dollin-he’s allowed to, though.

Last person’s board to fly at you: Took an Ali Boulala switch flip straight to the shin protecting a Q-flash. That one hurt.

Last vice: Russian shower show at Dancer’s-if you’ve been there, you’d forgive me.

Last missed flight: Never missed a flight.

Last person you stared down: A filmer/poacher. Stay out of my shot and out of my way!

Last trick you did (yourself): Bank to bank in Perth-thanks to Ty, Morgs, and Raoul for the motivation.

Last skateboarder who amazed you: Marc Johnson-absolutely killing it!

Last poor travel decision: Late-night kickflip in New Zealand. Sorry, Doc-never again!

Last suspect meal that turned out all right: McDonald’s breakfast. Sometimes it’s the only option.

Last place you called home: Home will always be Australia with my family and friends.

Last brawl: Australia, I asked for it and I lost-broken nose, fat lip, and two black eyes. No more fights.

Last way to kill time on the plane: Reading books-right now it’s The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes.

Last culture-shock moment: Arriving back at LAX-that’s the weirdest place in the world.

Last filmer to get in your way: He knows who he is. Next time he’s going overboard.

Last good photographer to come up: Dave Chami-comin’ staunch outta NZ, bro!

Last sketchy situation: Today a guy wanted to kill Buddy (Nichols) and Rick (Charnoski) for not even skating a pool. He was a hothead waiting to burst.

Last person you paid off for a photo: Gave some boards to the Aboriginal homies at the ghetto banks near Long Bay Jail. No photos, though.

Last time you got caught: Doing what?

Last promise to yourself: Smarten up.

Last photo you acquired: A few from Skin, a Peter Beard from Ivory, plus a few Ivory Serra originals. Most people are holdouts-not these guys.

Last photo hung on your wall: Moroccan half frame by Al Boglio.

Last obsession: Boxing-I’m not great at it, but it’s a lot of fun.

Last thought: Give it everything you got.