Last Words – Mike York

Last skate item you bought: A skate key.

Last non-skate-related thing you got for free: An iPod from Ezekiel.

Last movie you rented: The OG Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Last person’s car you rode shotgun in: Rhonda’s Civic.

Last CD you bought: The Game.

Last jersey you bought: Authentic Tim Duncan jersey.

Last good friends made: The boys-Pabs, Bryce, and Chrystian.

Last package you got in the mail: A nice, fat Nike package-thanks, Kev.

Last time you hated watching yourself on film: Hurting myself on The Chocolate Tour.

Last pair of sneakers you threw away: Some skated-up Reese Dunks-sorry, collectors.

Last video part you were stoked on: Aquil Brathwaite in Vicious Cycle.

Last time you got paid from something outside of skateboarding: Being a roaming reporter on Fuel TV.

Last funny thing you saw: Flippin’ Napoleon Dynamite.

Last person you made laugh: My girlfriend.

Last paycheck: Hopefully not.

Last time you were bummed on something you bought: Physical therapy equipment.

Last skate photo that stuck out in your mind: Uncle Rico’s switch flip in Korea.

Last TV show you watched: Surreal Life, when Mini-Me peed on the wall.

Last time you took a chance: Today-jaywalking.

Last trick relearned: Kickflip backside tailslide.

Last win: I don’t know-I’m a Warriors fan.

Last take-out order: Benito’s hard-rolled tacos.

Last time you said “rad”: “This helmet’s rad.”

Last time you wore a helmet: At this rad skatepark.

Last good advice you received: “Lean back.”

Last Joe Splivingates ensemble addition: A Jeff Hamilton chinchilla with NBA patches all over it-peace to Main E.

Last Kid Robot purchase: A Biz Markie alarm clock.

Last picture you hung on your wall: Me and my girlfriend on a ride at Six Flags.

Last pound, knucks, or high five: Daniel Castillo or Yoon Sul-I can’t remember.

Last homey who shouldn’t have quit skating: Ben Sanchez.

Last good rapper outside the Bay: Young Buck.

Last meal you ate: Full House-the honey walnut shrimp are the bomb.

Last visitor to the Roberts/McKinley/York compound: Jimmy G.

Last time you jumped in the pit: I’m in the pit right now.

Last accomplishment checked off the list: Being healthy and being able to skate at one-hundred percent-now it’s on.