Last Words Omar Salazar

Last food you ate: The last good thing I ate was Del Taco. I think it was three tacos for a dollar. I usually get nine. So nine tacos for three dollars, plus a couple sides of sour cream. I love that stuff. It’s addicting.

Last country you visited: Barcelona, Spain. TransWorld trip with my dogs-best trip ever.

Last am you were stoked on: Keegan Sauder-he’s dope.

Last song downloaded: “Just Got Paid”-ZZ Top.

Last song uploaded: Uploaded? Downloaded? It doesn’t make any sense.

Last good advice from a teammate or team manager: “You gotta want it!”-John Cardiel.

Last skate gear you gave to a friend: Rasa Libre gear-head to toe.

Last skate gear you had to buy: Um, I think it was hardware.

Last promise you made to yourself: No more Del Taco and sour cream-I’m getting fat.

Last time karma hit you in the back of the head: I’ve skated with Karma many times. And he’s never hit me in the head-he’s nice. That dude rips.

Last creation: My last creation-I pooped twenty minutes ago. I think it was Del Taco with sour cream.

Last person you shared a room with: In a basement with some kook I didn’t know too well. He lived on one side, and I lived in my camping tent. It was strange.

Last flip trick you learned: They took me eight years to learn-360 flips. Man, I suck.

Last celebrity you met: Jesus in my dream. We were drinking and making plans-love that guy.

Last phone number you saved on your phone: Jon Holland.

Last book you finished: Love & Death: The Murder Of Kurt Cobain. He was definitely murdered.

Last birthday gift you received: An electric shaver-I’m a grown-ass man.

Last sponsor you attained: Quiksilver-they make great clothes.

Last thing you lost: My mind.

Last park you skated: Berkeley. I slipped out and slid on my scab, and now I think I’ve been exposed to radiation.

Last sticker stuck: Quiksilver-got to.

Last long plane ride: Coming back from Barcelona-lightning hit our plane.

Last thing that got you through a long plane ride: Writing notes and working on my inventions.

Last piece of clothing you purchased: Victoria’s Secret. I got it for my girl.

Last item you forgot to pack: My guitar.

Last great someone or something to come out of Sacto: Definitely Biebel.

Last altercation: It was Miami. Long story short-Stefan, Kyle, and me were getting ready to enter this nightclub. I called a cop a bitch-I didn’t know it was a cop. He tore my favorite jacket and threw it in a puddle then threw me in it headfirst and cuffed me. Jail time-three days. I bunked right next to this crazy nut. It was hell.

Last form you filled out: I had to fill out this three-page form that Dade County jail sent me from the Miami incident. I also had to pay 1,300 dollars for that bullshit.

Last thing you quit: Thinking so damn hard.

Last newfound interest: Riding my bike.

Last skate video you watched to be inspired: Dan Wolfe’s video, Closure-all of it.

Last job you held: At this Mexican restaurant serving tables.

Last question a kid at a demo asked you: “Can you sign my broken hand?”

Last obsession: Del Taco tacos with sour cream.

Last thing you keep forgetting you have to do: I don’t know, I keep forgetting.