Last Words: Shane O’Neill

From our January '17 Issue

He's a technical wizard, a smooth criminal, and draws inspiration from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Shane O'Neill is simply one of the best to ever do it and he continues to surprise us all on a daily basis. —Brian Blakely


Last Song Stuck In Your Head:
"Blowing up fast," Lil Wayne.

Last Cry:

Last Laugh:
All day today because my Aussie friend, Alby is here.

Last Achievement:
Being a good dad.

Last Time To Australia:
One month ago.

Last Kiss:
Who knows?

Last Trick Filmed:
Nollie flip backtail big flip for a friends clip.

Last Movie:
Dirty Grandpa.

Last Album You Loved:
All Things Must Pass, George Harrison.

Last Book:
Mind Gym. Haven't finished it yet.

Last Punch:
Years ago.

Last Major Purchase:
Nintendo stock.

Last Stamp In Your Passport:

Last Time You Wore A Suit:
A couple of months ago.

Last Thing You Shared:
Always share!

Last Time You Were Selfish:
Every time it's time to skate. Everything else is dropped, [laughs].

Last Skate Video:
Bobby x Hjalte vid.

Last Thing You Created:
Little video with James James.

Last Thing You Destroyed:
New camera.

Last Person You Followed On Instagram:
Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones girl.

Last Time Someone Called You Nugget:
Not exactly sure, still pretty often though.

Last Celebrity Sighting:

Last Time Shirtless in Public:
Trying to surf. It's been a while!

Last Time You Were Scared:
Filming a biggish rail trick the other day. Worked out alright, though.

Last Colorway Of Janoskis You Wore:
OG black and white

Last Fight:
I don't fight.

Last Concert:
Lou Barlow with Midds.

Last Video Part That Got You Hyped:
Reynolds new part!

Last Person To Inspire You:
The Rock. He's a legend.

Last Thing Borrowed:
The aux cord.

Last Thing You Learned:
Time goes.

Last TV Show:

Last Thing You Lost:
Wallet. Fortunately, didn't have many important things in it.

Last Non-Skate Dream Sponsor:
Apple or Sony.