Last Words-Tim Gavin

Last good tip somebody gave you: My friend Jaime told me I was standing too far from my ball and that’s why I was slicing to the right every Saturday.

Last time you played golf: New Year’s Day ’05.

Last set of songs you put on your iPod: Coventry Festival-Phish.

Last show you attended: Phish-Coventry Festival.

Last person you ate breakfast with: My family. I’m not a breakfast guy-I’m a smoothie-in-the-morning type of guy with a sidecar of green tea.

Last vehicle you bought: TaylorMade driver 9.5.

Last night on the town: Podium’s company Christmas party-why weren’t you there?

Last words of inspiration you heard: Eckhart Tolle-“Live in the now.”

Last time you wore a tie: Ty Evans’ wedding.

Last book you read: TV Guide.

Last time you thought you were going to die: The

Last flight I caught.

Last country you visited: Mexico-Cabo San Lucas.

Last time you cried: When I was golfing the other day-harsh Santa Anas (winds).

Last piece of clothing you bought: Socks.

Last time you were in a car accident: With Chico Brenes in ’96.

Last food you ate: Fish sticks.

Last promise you made to yourself: Eat better.

Last dream you had: Dry.

Last TV show you watched: NFL Live.

Last pet you had: A cat named Trey.

Last team sport you played: Golf.

Last time you were confused: Now.

Last time you felt inspired: Now.

Last party you threw: Podium Christmas party at El Centro.

Last good park you skated: The Girl park.

Last time you got into a fight: Two days ago-with my putter.

Last person you talked to on the telephone: My mom.

Last time you were in the hospital: November ’04.

Last thing you lost: My driver.

Last setup you put together: Tim Gavin Girl deck with some Pure wheels and Gullwing trucks.

Last skate video you watched: Clichà‡ video.

Last time you witnessed anarchy: Anytime I’m with a skater.

Last time you went to the movies: Christmas Eve-Meet The Fockers.

Last contest you entered: X-Games.

Last time you got ripped off: X-Games.

Last song you listened to: “Mound” by Phish.

Last time you were betrayed: When Phish broke up.

Last poster pinned to your bedroom wall: Free Willy.

Last Web site you visited: Google.

Last tattoo you got: Scripture on my wrist.

Last thing you killed: My toilet.

Last time you got a ticket: Knock on wood.

Last video part you were stoked on: The behind-the-scenes footage in Garden State.

Last Phish gig you saw: Coventry.

Last time something changed your life: Coventry.

Last game of SKATE you played: I’m about to play one with my friend Schnurr-I’ll win for sure.