Last Words with Elissa Steamer

Last fight you were in:

Fifth grade. Some kid took one of my toys away.

Last movie you went to see:
The Bone Collector.

Last car crash you were in:
Fender-bender with a brand new Beamer.

Last time you lost a bet:
Every day in craps at my house.

Last time you were sad:
This summer.

Last time you laughed so hard you cried:
Every day, if Tony DaSilva is around.

Last time you went to church:
Can’t remember.

Last person you skated with:
Carlos De Andrade at the Bondi mini ramp.

Last video you rented:
Lawn Dogs.

Last skate video you watched:
Skate Canada.

Last person you talked to on the phone:
My mom.

Last time you smoked a cigarette:
A minute ago.

Last food you ate:
A chicken sandwich.

Last board you set up:
Toy Machine¿Kerry Getz model.

Last time you broke a board:
Two years ago.

Last time you said “last time”:

Last article of clothing you bought:
Levi’s 517 boot-cut.

Last tour you went on:
The one I’m on now¿Etnies Australia.

Last musical instrument you played:

Last photo shoot you went on:
Today with Skin.

Last good am you saw:
Tony DaSilva.

Last time you had a haircut:
A week ago.

Last famous person you saw:
Dennis Rodman¿he was wasted when I saw him.

Last song you listened to:
“Cheka” by Redman and Method Man.

Last trick you landed:
Backside tailslide on the Bondi mini ramp.

Last video part you saw that stoked you out:
Stevie Williams in the new TransWorld video The Reason.

Last good tip someone gave you:
“F¿k it.”

Last time you were homesick:
This summer.

Last time someone gave you a break:

Last car you bought:
Dodge Neon.

Last mag you read:
Some Australian ‘zine.

Last book you read:
I don’t have the patience to read.

Last time you were in a hospital:
Prague, when the Tempster smashed his head.

Last time you wanted to hit someone:
I don’t know, but it probably wasn’t that long ago.

Last time you saw God:
Who knows?

Last time you took a photo:
Yesterday at Ulladulla.

Last time you wanted to give up being pro:
I haven’t.

Last pro who motivated you:
Mike Maldonado.

Last job you had before turning pro:
Pizza Hut delivery girl.

Last job in the world you’d want:
Anything in front of a computer.

Last time you gave money to a beggar:
A couple days ago, but he wasn’t begging, he was playing guitar. Other than that it was September ninth in San Diego.

Last road trip you went on:
The one I’m on now. Australia, baby.