This past Friday, Levi’s Skateboarding invited us out for a relaxed night of beer drinking and pizza eating at Kingswell in Los Angeles, CA. They gave us a preview of their Spring Line and a pre-premiere of their newest short film which documents their time spent in Christchurch, New Zealand, a small South Island city that is still rebuilding after a tragic earthquake swept through about five years ago destroying nearly everything in its path. In true Levi’s fashion, a dedicated group of individuals decided to fly out to Christchurch to work with the locals and rebuild. The final video is evidence of a job well done. All in all, the line looked great and the video ruled. In addition, the walls of Kingswell were neatly hit with prints from Jonathan Mehring’s photo book, Skate The World, and he was even there signing copies if you were fortunate enough to own one. Around seven o’clock the shop reopened its doors back up to the public and waves of humans flowed in and out. Pizzanista and PBR were occupying all the attendees hands and guest ‘bartender,’ Daniel Shimizu casually had the program on lock. “Pepperoni or cheese?” Hit up your local shop to slip into some of Levis’ latest offerings or visit to see what’s in store. And stay tuned for Levis’ New Zealand video that will be dropping very soon. Thanks to Levi’s and Kingswell for a great night!