Here's part 2 of photo blogs. More to come.—Blair Alley

Another morning at the Treasure Island resort on 7 Mile Beach. When you walked outside, your sunglasses and camera would fog up.

Over to the Black Pearl for another day with Cole.

Locs chillin’—check.

After a couple hours sweating at the park, it was back to Treasure Island for lunch.

Chris and Wyatt Cole stopped by Billy Bones bar.

The best way to beat the midday heat.

Billy Bones bar at Treasure Island hosted a Right Foot Forward premiere!

Back to Black Pearl in the evening after it cooled off a bit. Wyatt getting lessons from Dad.

Myhro raps with one of the locals who “use-ta skate” in between logging epic Cole clips.

Daddy front crook pop-overs while Wyatt is in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, next door, the wave machine was firing.

Due to the recommendation of Lee Dupont, we spent a night here.

Marty and Mel remember partying with Lee Dogg and Mutt. I think they tried to punish us with multiple shots as you can see.

Carlos and newlywed Ben. These dudes were killing it all week.

Stay tuned for Part 3 coming soon!