Yes, it’s true, Chris Cole had to leave a day before us—I believe the Dew Tour in Boston was calling. So here are our last days in paradise sans any skateboarding. Enjoy.

First order of business for the day, visit the National Gallery in George Town. Again, the fine Cayman Tourism Department hooked it up.

Paintings and installation from local Cayman artist Nickola McCoy.

Found art by Kaitlyn Elphinstone.

David Bridgeman.

The art critics in Cayman are tough.

Then we met up with everyone back at The Black Pearl, but not to skate—no, JR booked us a booze cruise/snorkeling trip! Chet and Steve in hot from HB.

Back to Stingray City again. It was a little crowded with tourists today.

Most of the boats were full of international tourists eager and curious to get in the water with the gentle stingrays. Our boat on the other hand was pretty much Spring Break.

Carlos sippin’ among the rays.

Back at the Black Pearl skate/surf/party compound, it was a Michael Jackson tribute night. Seriously, it was fun but I can’t show you a lot of the photos because we’re all awful dancers.

L to R: a crusty Cayman loc, Steve Black, and Tyler, who won our online contest and got a free trip to Skate Cayman. Seriously, book your trip now, and when you get to Grand Cayman, ask for JR. You’ll have a blast!