Last week, filmer Erik Myhro and I had the supreme pleasure of spending a week in Grand Cayman, skating the 62,000 square-foot Black Pearl park with Chris Cole, surfing the adjacent wave pool, snorkeling, and basically living it up island style. We did so much in six short days, I really can’t remember it all, and it wouldn’t do it justice to solely put it in words. So here’s the first of several photo blogs I’ll be posting this week. A huge thanks to the Cayman Tourism Department and JR who was beyond hospitable and made our stay simply amazing.—Blair Alley

We were welcomed to the Treasure Island resort with our own separate rooms and massive gift bags.

Jetlag is nothing a dip in the Caribbean can’t fix.

First thing we saw—a pirate ship!

Looking north, the white sands and crystal clear waters we would be swimming in every day.

Big bright green iguanas running freely around the pools.

Then it was over to feast our virgin eyes on the behemoth Black Pearl park.

Gnarly cradle and good luck finding the line to those stairs.

All over-verty.

Grant Taylor’s stuff in Debacle at this park is nuts.

Just another corner of the park.

Chris Cole was in the shade, ready to shred.

Locs. These kids have been sessioning with hot pros all summer.

JR, the man on the island that runs the skatepark, wavepool, and all things rad—even gives skate lessons.

Cole wrecked this park. You’ll soon see in the video.

Myhro filming among the locals.

Then it was time for some drinks and food at The Brickhouse.

It was open mic night. Ben, on his honeymoon from Salt Lake got up and played a little Marley.

Then JR invited everyone over to his house for a mini jam. I’m telling you, this dude is the Big Man On Cayman.

Check back tomorrow for part 2! In the meantime, book your flight to Skate Cayman!