Female involvement in skateboarding is no new thing, but in 2016 the meter of participation has risen far and beyond what many of us could’ve ever imagined. And it’s really no surprise as more girls are undoubtedly skateboarding than ever before (most even better than the guys). Hit your local park and you’ll see the guy-to-girl ratio expanding with ever session—it’s pretty fucking rad! These girls aren’t just skating either, they’re ripping. We’re one step closer to the reality of these ladies making a nice living in this crazy world of skateboarding, as they rightfully should. So on the heels of our latest girl-heavy issue, it only made sense to shed some light on two of the most die-hard, independent, all-girl board brands that are making their mark one sesh at a time. Take a look at some of Meow and Hoopla‘s latest graphics above and then get your hands on our November issue. —Brian Blakely

Meow Skateboards
Vanessa Torres ‘Furreal’ pro model
Lacey Baker ‘Jones’ pro model

Hoopla Skateboards
Alana Smith pro model
Samarria Brevard pro model