From Finland to San Diego and everywhere in between, Marius—The Govs, Bob, whatever you call him—is always on the move. He landed himself the cover of our October issue (on newsstands now), backed it up with a full interview, and can also be found in the Hong Kong article in said issue. What a G! In celebration, we wanted to get some of his latest urethane from OJ in the mix alongside one of the new Habitat board series. Cop his pro model, or step up and get the entire series!


Habitat – ‘Classic Stripes’ Series


Snakes EZ Edge Insaneathane (101a, 54mm) & Syvanen Cool EZ Edge White (101a, 53mm)


Mandible Claw – Spirit Quest DVD by Colin Read

Mandible Claw’s latest masterpiece, Spirit Quest, was in the mix in our October issue as well. Yet another banger from filmmaker Colin Read (@mandibleclaw)! Do yourself a favor and get your hands on our October issue and then get your hands on the Spirit Quest DVD! The prophecy is true. —Brian Blakely