What We Like: Real & Spitfire

From our February 2017 issue

Whether you're just finding the hype or consider yourself a seasoned vet on the board, one thing is for certain-- someone on the Real team is probably your favorite skater and you've undeniably seen the iconic Spitfire flame head at one time or another. When it came time to elect some product for this issue, we did nothing more than gaze 500 miles north to our brethren at DLXSF. Check the goods and don't forget to leap before you look. --Brian Blakely

Real Skateboards
Ishod Wair – High Performance
Ishod Wair – Prep
Dennis Busenitz – Paradise
Kyle Walker – In Bloom
Justin Brock – In Bloom

Spitfire Wheels
Warlord – Hjalte Halberg
Lifers – Julien Stranger
Blind Justice – Bobby Worrest