"Stop the Stench" technology? Dirt and water repellent? The mad scientists at Volcom creating their denim, cargos and chinos have always gone the extra mile to make the most durable pants possible—in all types of fits and materials. So whether you're sweating all day on a tireless road trip or you're simply like me and wear the same pants every day—either way, you'll find comfort knowing that Volcom has the technology to combat your swamp ass and we couldn't be happier. —BRIAN BLAKELY


Kinkade 5 Pocket Thrifter (Dark Chocolate)
Regular fit with a 17" leg opening, featuring the 'Stop the Stench' technology and water and dirt repellent. Now that I think of it, why don't all pants have that? 59% cotton, 49% recycled polyester and 1% dyed matting.

Solver Denim (Black on Black)
Seen here in the black on black colorway, the Solver Denim is a modern fit and features S-Gene superior stretch with 16" leg openings. They're 92% cotton, 7% polyester and 1% elastance.

Frickin Regular Chino (Dark Navy)
A regular fit chino with a 17" leg opening featuring Sgene performance by Cone Mills, (exclusive only to Volcom).

VSM Stranger Cargo (Dark Navy)
Featuring Volcom's 'Stop the Stench' technology, which is basically an anti-microbial for odor, including water and dirt repellent.