Photo, Video, Interview Updates From The TWS Awards

For those of you not able to make it out to the 12th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards tonight, check in right here at as we will be bringing you constant updates from the Avalon theatre in Hollywood, California. Follow who wins what, the premiere of Hallelujah, and all the rest of the mayhem as it happens. Here’s the nominees one more time in case you missed ’em, and we’ll see you tonight!

11:08pm – GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY. Thanks for hanging out. But Hallelujah just finished and we got some serious partying to do!

10:43pm – Torey F—KING Pudwill

T-Pud’s part just finished. As Andrew Brophey was heard saying, “this is history in the making.” Slash relentlessly shouted “OH MY GOD” every two seconds from behind the scenes and beer cans flung up to the stage every 3 seconds. With tricks such as alley-oop front shuvs over hand rails, 5 billion foot long backsmiths, and techer tricks than Fully Flared could’ve ever predicted, we will most certainly agree that indeed, this is history in the making. Skateboarding’s changed a lot over the years, but we like the direction. Thank you all for making this possibly the best TWS video of all time. While we won’t spoil your fun and tell you who earned the curtains, we will tell you Torey skated to The Morning Benders. Last parts have to be epic with epic songs to match; maybe that gives you the hint you’ve awaited.

10:20pm – Hallelujah: The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For…


Sorry kids, skateboarding is already ruined and we’ve only gone 5 minutes into Hallelujah. Don’t believe us? Wait till you see this video. Tyler Bledsoe introduces the video with some of the most epic skateboard wizardry seen in ages. Holy hell… And we thought his Mindfield part was jacked… You ain’t seen nothin’ hunny.


Oh you didn’t believe us? The crowd’s certainly enthralled. Look at Dollin and Rowley. They’re certainly not turning their heads.

10:11pm – Hijacked!


Yoon took it upon himself to hijack Lizard’s trophy because if he hadn’t, chances are Lizard would’ve lost it along with his mind. Instead of letting the award fall prey to some bum’s sinful intentions, Yoon demonstrates its double function as a beer holder. Don’t worry Lizard, you practically live with Yoon, so you’ll see your precious earnings in due time.

10:01pm – Legend: Matt Hensley

In our final award for the night, we honored Matt Hensley as a legend, officially entering him into the history books. The dude has killed it for generations with textbook style and back 3’s. He even found time to skate between touring with Flogging Molly. The guy is a full fledged legend, no doubt. If you’re ever around San Diego, make sure to check out his pub Hensley’s. You’ll be in for a treat.


Different generations of Black Label all under the same roof: Matt Hensley, John Lucero, and Ben Skrzypek.

9:52pm – From Weird to Weirder: Reader’s Choice


Chris Cole might be more consistent, but he sure as hell doesn’t have the personality Lizard does. Lizard King undeniably goes for broke, lives in reckless abandonment, and never looks back. But that’s what’s so likable about the guy. That and he’s always the first guy in the room to say what’s up. In his acceptance speech, Lizard, in what will now live in infamy, shouted, “I F—KING DESERVE THIS!” Hell yeah you do. Cheers Lizard!


Gettin’ Ready For It!


Good thing we got the tall cans.

9:46pm – Brandon Westgate Rookie of the Year

9:37pm – Double Winnings!


Podium Erica and Fuel TV’s own Chris Casey announce the winners of best team. Best team just so happened to kill it hard enough to also win none other than best video of the year. That’s what you’d expect though, right?


Although the soundtrack to the video may have stirred up controversy, Flip’s Extremely Sorry was phenomenal nonetheless. Seriously. Rowley and Co. never disappoint, thus winning them Video of the Year and Team of the Year. Congrats!

9:27pm – Best Street Skater


As if you even have to act surprised. The dude’s killed every contest this year, destroyed fools in flatground at the Berrics, and somehow still has enough time to put out a bangin’ part in Strange World. Unfortunately, being that good at skateboarding also requires too much time to accept his own award. Congratulations Chris Cole on winning Street Skater of the Year! Good thing the Chief’s got your back!

9:20pm – Best Part Of The Year!


This all terrain powerhouse blew minds with his part in Alien Workshop’s Mindfield. He blew even more minds in his Nike SB Debacle part. Congratulations Grant Taylor on winning Video Part of the Year! By the way, shit’s so packed right now that staff can’t even weasel in. Here’s Torey and Andrew Brophy welcoming Grant Taylor.

9:09pm – IT’S BEGUN!


Host extraordinaire and TWS Publisher, Jamey Stone


In an emotional moment, Arnette Stricker, Eric Stricker’s wife, introduces the Awards Ceremony by saying it’s the first time in six years she doesn’t know the winners. RIP Eric.

9:05pm – Hensley’s best part, according to his wife, Desiree Hensley.

8:53pm – Awards Are Starting


This fool is gonna have the gnarliest part. Ryan Decenzo and Globe babes.


Mic-E Reyes and Dakota. Don’t f—k with this guy. He used to be a cop.


Melcher and his award winning mustache.


Paul Shier. King of Britain.


SK8MAFIA! SD Represent. Smolik and Lil’ B.

8:39pm – Lakers Just Won!


Boosh and Haslam. Long haired besties.


Rowley giving his best Lemmy after-show impersonation.


Colin Mckay


Chris Troy and Sean Conover.


Jimmy Carlin being himself


Z Bass and Joey.

8:15pm – How Things Are Looking Outside


Active Podium Erica Yary shows up looking good as always.


Yoon and finally-pro-after-being-am-for-too-long, Daniel Castillo. Check the shirt.


Everyone’s favorite Brazillian, Ana Paula Negrao


Damn! The Grind in real life. This really is Hollywood… The ‘Nandez.


What’s the difference between Chris Haslam and a viking? Trick question. Chris Haslam is a viking.

8:08pm – Getting closer


Pat Duffy and Bill Weiss


Daniel saw something more interesting than the camera


Chad Fernandez


Chris Ray Man of the hour


Fofa and Taylor Kennedy

7:27pm – Chris Ray interview: Favorite part in Hallelujah? Video of the year picks? Do pros even keep up with skateboarding? Find out.

7:40 – Things are starting to heat up.


One of the two men behind Hallelujah, Jon Holland, and his lovely fiance.


Billabong’s wunder-man Rodney Johnson, and TWS‘s Jamey Stone with tonight’s legend.


Ryan Decenzo rolls in style.

7:13pm – Gettin’ Ready!


Remember that TWS Lizard King front nose cover down Hollywood High? The world’s most adorable photographer, Yoon, shot it. Here he is being cuter than buttons.


New Lakai wonderchild Daniel Espinoza made it out bright and early.


And you thought skaters couldn’t get hot babes?


Remember Foundation’s Alex Goudouros (right)? Wonder what happened to him? He’s chillin’ at the Awards with Joey Verbeck (left). Somebody tell this kid to skate again.


Loyal pawns.

7:01pm – Welcome to the Awards

6:48pm – PrePartying with the Lakeshow


Chico Brenes with Bill Weiss watching the Lakers game on the big screen and taking it easy before the madness.


Chico and Rodrigo Peterson. Hell yeah Nicaragua & Brazil!


Hensley’s pub moved to Hollywood for the night.


How we roll. Yeah, we got good decorators, what about it?


Hensley’s homeys prepartying in the Label lounge

6:22pm – Globe repping Rookie of the year nominee Luan Olivera


5:42pm – The calm before the storm.


The Avalon.


The red carpet is ready to go.


Hensley and Hallelujah right as you walk in.


We gotta catch at least some of the Lakers/Celtics before the party starts.


It’s going to be a well-lit evening.