Mada’s Rails For Rolee’s Wrap Up

The heat in San Diego’s East County is downright unbearable in the summer months, but that didn’t stop a huge crowd from coming out to the Parkway Plaza mall in El Cajon for this contest. After a quick autograph signing in Sun Diego, the Mada boys and any rail chomper that wanted to get some took to tackling Jeff King’s San Dieguito replica on the hot asphalt. TW‘s own Jamey Stone kept it comical on the mic while heavies like Darrell Stanton, Scott Kane, and James Brockman handled the rail with visions of a sparkling Rolex fresh in their minds. Some dudes got broke but a lot of gnarly sh-t went down. Just watch the video. There was no question that James Brockman was the hands-down winner with a frontside cruntslide, a frontside pop shove-it to backside 50-50, a switch frontside bluntslide, and a bigspin frontside boardslide. Seriously, he could have won with just one of those bangers. James should have been stoked to win in front of his hometown East County peers. Second place went to Chula Vista local Arturo Sanchez with an all out switch assault: switch Smith, switch lipslide, switch tailslide, switch frontside boardslide, and a switch Barley grind. A thousand dollars is being well spent in Chula tonight. The follow up to this contest will be in Mission Beach in August, it should be even better.

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