Madawai’i Report 1

Mada is in Hawai’i for an extended weekend to do some skating, demos, etc. Staying true to the Hawai’i/hang loose way of thinking, their first day was an off day. That’s just how they do it over there. Mada rep Philip picked up the team in two ski boats and took them all to Sand Island where Mada’s own ski shack complete with food, brew, and trim was waiting. The rest of the day was spent as the whole team took a stab at wakeboarding. Everyone got up and had a blast. Philip was lording for sure. Stay tuned all week for updates from the Aloha State—skating, partying, an Anton Glamb performance, Mada riders Scott Kane, Garrett Hill, Jacob Walder, Jimmy Astleford, Kevin Romar, and Saoul Pintero, North Shore maniacs Lance Holcomb and Chisel, and so much more. You won’t believe how much shit went down in one weekend!

Check the slideshow for all the pics.