Make It Count Series Recap #1

The first stop in the Element "Make it Count" International Contest Series took in Phoenix, AZ at the Peoria SkatePark. Skaters from all over the Phoenix area competed for a trip to the finals at Element YMCA Skate Camp this summer, where the winner becomes sponsored by Element. Element Team riders Levi Brown, Chad Tim Tim, Darrell Stanton, Nick Garcia and more were on hand to judge the event. The next contest in the series is in Detroit, MI.


Dashawn Jordan


13 under: Zone 1 – Dashawn Jordan – 180 nosegrind
14 up: Zone 1 – Adam Arunski – 360 flip 50-50 hubba
13 under: Zone 2 – Joey Downton – Crooks over bump
14 up: Zone 2 – James Schwartz – Bump to Quarter transfer
13 under: Zone 3  – Dashawn Jordan – 360 flip 10 stair

Next Event:
Detroit, MI – Feb 6th
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