2010 Maloof Money Cup OC Last Chance Qualifiers: JRog and Haslam Advance

The Last Chance qualifier went off this evening where two skaters, not already on the MMC contest list, had the chance to earn their way into this year’s main event. After everyone battled it out for the chance to advance, who woulda guessed that none other than Jereme Rogers pulled out in front and took first place? Yeah, Roger that. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) Thankfully, Chris Haslam grabbed second, so we’ll see him out there this weekend too.

1. Jereme Rogers
2. Chris Haslam
3. Tyler Hendley
4. Rodolfo Ramos
5. Fabrizio Santos

Stay tuned for street qualifiers and finals and more from the Maloof contest right here on Skateboarding.com. If you are in the Orange County area, grab tickets and come out and watch the action at the 2010 Maloof Money Cup in person!