Maloof Money Cup NYC Qualifiers Photos

Today was a long hot one as 48 hand-picked pros battled it out in Flushing Queens for 12 top spots in the finals. Paul Rodriguez got the top spot followed by Torey Pudwill and Chris Cole. Some highlights of the day include Chris Pfanner’s unthinkable ollie off the top stage over a rail and into a bank, Shane O’Neill annihilating the big rail and stairs but getting robbed by the judges, and Alex Olson grinding the top stair and ollieing out to flat. Brandon Westgate also ollied up the six stair! After all the jams, there was a Best Trick Contest on the Tech Deck Center and Torey Pudwill won the 10 Gs with a kickflip back lip to back tail. Video is coming soon, but in the meantime, here are some photos.


Greg Lutzka frontside flippin’ over the rail.


Chris Haslam, frontside feeble.


Keegan Sauder, crooked grind.


Chima Ferguson, switch back tail.


Garrett Hill, tailslide to fakie.


Alex Olson, back lip.


Peter Ramondetta, back Smith.


Tommy Sandoval, frontside flip over the rail.


Paul Rodriguez, front feeble into the top qualifying spot.


Stefan Janoski, switch flip.


Torey Pudwill cranking around a backside 360.


Chris Cole, nosegrind.


Shane O’Neill nailed this nollie backside heelflip.

Finalists for tomorrow:

1. Paul Rodriguez

2. Torey Pudwill

3. Chris Cole

4. Bastien Salabanzi

5. Peter Ramondetta

6. Sean Malto

7. Keegan Sauder

8. Ryan Decenzo

9. Greg Lutzka

10. David Gonzalez

11. Caswell Berry

12. Sierra Fellers

Full results here.