Mandatory Info

The Midwest’s Sean Malto is the new face on Girl. After placing well in pro contests all year as an amateur, Jereme Rogers finally has a board and is on Momentum Wheel Co. Is the new Guy Mariano board a one-off or is he back for good? And a Lakai shoe, quite possibly? At any rate, Anthony Pappalardo is on Chocolate for real.

There’s a laundry list of pros who are letting their shoe contracts run out in favor of new companies and new deals. Ali Boulala has left Osiris, but for what new company? We don’t want any angry phone calls, so we’ll just have to leave you with the terribly clich’d, “Stay tuned.” Some moves that we can leak are that Kyle Leeper is on etnies, Silas Baxter-Neal is riding them as well. Ricky Oyola is rumored to have inked a deal with Vox. Damn, that’s a heavy team.

San Diego favorite Kien “The Donger” Lieu is snapping ridiculous ollies once again on BLVD Skateboards. Our own Seu Trinh has the photographic proof-not like you’d need any. Chris Haslam can figure out that it’s time to trim his beard with Vestal watches. Young Hawai’ian Sound Agent Dyson Ramones got picked up by DuFFS.

Tyler Bledsoe is the latest to join the Sovereign Sect, he’s on Alien Workshop. Nick Jensen has combined the classic grenade heart and the Union Jack for his pro colorway with Thunder Trucks, while James Brockman prefers the Budweiser colorway. James Craig and Ryan Sheckler are on Bones Wheels. Best believe Sheckler has a pro wheel in the works.

Ogio has been stacking its team lately. Christian Hosoi joins the likes of Eric Koston, Mikey Taylor, Paul Rodriguez, Bob Burnquist, Bucky Lasek, Devine Calloway, Torey Pudwill, and Tony Tave to rock and design custom backpacks and travel bags.

5boro Projects, the creative branch of 5boro Skateboards, has collaboration decks out with Manhattan-based design collective AKA in recognition of its new graf/pop culture book ALSO KNOWN AS. 5boro is only pressing 250 decks, and the book’s cover art is the graphic. They will be available exclusively through and In other 5boro news, longtime team rider Pat Smith is no longer on the squad. Pat has moved on to pursue other endeavors, one of which being his own company, CODA Skateboards.

The world’s biggest skatepark is set to open in October of this year in Shanghai, China. The largest skatepark in the world currently is the Cayman Islands’ Black Pearl clocking in at 62,000 square feet. Early estimates have the Shanghai park tripling that number. Bowls, a full pipe, a vert ramp, granite-paved ground for street skating-it’s all there. The opening will coincide with the Shanghai Showdown, China’s first Gravity Games. Check out for overviews of the park.

A belated passing of cigars is in order for Element Founder Johnny Schillereff, as he welcomed his son Camp Royce into the family this past May 31. We can only assume he’ll be running with Bam soon enough. Erik Ellington and wife Lucianna celebrated the birth of their son, Julius Luther on September 17. Chad Tim Tim tied the knot recently in the company of his beloved LBC/508 homeys. Mike Peterson also wed his lovely lady. Here’s to everyone, cheers!

USA Skateboarding will produce a National Championships event for amateurs in Summer 2006. The goal of the Nationals will be to name U.S. men’s and women’s teams, possibly for the Olympics. The International Skateboarding Federation (currently representing 32 nations) is already working on criteria for international competitions. An international federation, like the ISF, is a prerequisite for any Olympic sport. Like it or hate it, it’s good to know it will be on our terms. On a related note, the USAS voted Jen O’Brien as its first female member. Female skaters are estimated to make up 25 percent of the over twelve-million skateboarders nationwide.

On an uplifting note, Sole Technology CEO Pierre Andre Senizergues and his employees donated 5,000 pairs of shoes and 5,000 pieces of apparel tto Hurricane Katrina victims. Well done.

Overheard By Nate Sherwood

“I don’t want you to get too excited, Nate, but at every demo I go to, at least four kids ask me about you.”-Lee Dupont

“Living in a 300-thousand dollar house and wearing tight pants that cost you 68 bucks isn’t hesh. Now, living under a bridge drinking Pabst for breakfast, having your teeth rot out, and having herpes-that’s hesh.”-Eli Reed pointing out the difference between new school to true school

“White T-shirts are made to get dirty-watch this.”-Mike Sante Fe at a wedding right before he tried to put out a cigarette on his shirt, thereby lighting it on fire, then putting it out with a rum and Coke

“Nate, this is my grocery getter. My Nova is the car you need to see to witness a good burnout.”-Jon Allie after Nate asked him to burn out in his 60s Mustang that had a big block V8 and roughly 500 horsepower-his Nova pops wheelies

“Nate, I’m sitting here with Jake Duncombe, and he wants me to ask you if you and Bill Weiss were separated at birth.”-Mark Appleyard

“The filmer has to invoice the video department guy who has to log and file the footage. If I can stop the domino effect in time there will be no evidence any of this ever happened. I stole this technique from the U.S. government, they used a similar tactic with CNN to stop the Abu Ghurayb prison pictures from being seen.”-Nate Sherwood concerning stopping the release of damaging footage

“What are you, the white Sean Sheffey?”-Oscar Jordan to Tosh Rice

“It’s definitely passed the year 2000 when street skaters are turning down weed.”-Thomas Taylor

“I’m stoked Skin hired another Korean. There’re only three of us-you, me, and Daewon.”-Yoon Sul to TransWorld’s new Art Director Jason Lee

“Oh man, I feel bad for that kid. Now Jim is about to go Bates Motel on him.”-Eric Koston after Jimmy Carlin fell on a trick at the à‡S Game of SKATE and the ball was in Jim Bates’ corner

“Here, you got all day to learn that.”-Clyde Singleton to Pharrell Williams in a game of SKATE, after Clyde did a 360 flip, pushed his board to Pharrell, then walked off